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In short, Montessori teaches children how to learn. What is more, it does so at a critical age -- two through six years -- when their receptivity to new concepts is most keen and core aspects of their personalities are being formed. Through Montessori they discover that the will, ability, and skills to learn are inside each of them rather than provided externally. And in so doing, it helps provide a foundation of self confidence and esteem that can serve them for the rest of their lives.​

Sergey Brin (founder of Google) on how Montessori education contributed to his independent thinking and success.​

​​​Why Choose Montessori?

For over 100 years, the Montessori method has provided children throughout the world with an unmatched education. Take a look below at what a Montessori foundation has done for some of the world's most talented, intelligent, and successful people.

​​​Leaders, Creators, Visionaries

For more information regarding Montessori education visit The American Montessori Society

​​Unlike traditional classrooms, in which teachers impose the same lessons upon a group of children organized by age, Montessori creates an environment in which the teacher plays the role of facilitator, guiding and mentoring each child, and is able to individualize their lessons based on the child's own inherent urge to learn and develop. The classroom furniture and hands-on materials are all at a level and scale that is completely accessible to the children, which allows them to assert their independence and take charge of their learning.​

​​​​​​The Montessori Difference​

​​"Montessori helped me become the person I am today."

-Stephen Curry (NBA MVP)

"Montessorians understand that internal satisfaction drives the child's curiousity and interest and results in joyous learning that is sustainable over a lifetime."

-American Montessori Society

​​​Nurturing the Whole Child

Further, as Montessori does not segregate children by age, Montessori children benefit socially, emotionally, and intellectually from their multi-age classrooms. Younger students gain crucial social skills from the mentorship of their older peers, as well as the motivation to emulate them. Older students develop leadership skills and a habit of respectful service through sharing their knowledge with younger students.

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"Education begins at birth." 
  - Dr. Maria Montessori​

Other Notable Montessorians:​​


  • Steve Wozniak ​(co-founder of Apple)
  • ​Jimmy Wales (founder of Wikipedia)
  • Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Nobel Prize winner for literature)
  • Julia Child (Chef and Author)
  • George Clooney (Academy Award Winning Actor)
  • Montessori Education Provides Better Outcomes Than Traditional Methods, Study Finds

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​"The inner drive to learn and to develop is the core contrast between Montessori schools and conventional schools."

-Trevor Eissler | Author for Montessori Education

​​Developed around the turn of the century by Dr. Maria Montessori, Italy's first female physician, the Montessori educational method consists of a specialized teaching style and expertly designed materials that combine to unlock each child's natural motivation to learn.​