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To continue our study of Monarchs we will take the time to make observations and talk about the changes we see in the garden. Asking questions like how many caterpillars can we count on the milkwood leaves?, or how many more chrysalises can we spot? Chrysalis start out green and after a couple of weeks they turn black which signals the butterfly is ready to emerge.

Two chrysalises have already formed and during the first week of September, when our school year begins, they should emerge into beautiful butterflies. It will be one of the best  back to school surprises. 

After careful observation and patiently waiting, we will find Monarchs drying their wings as they sip the sweet nectar of daylilies before they fly away. 

By Barbara Barnes

NSM Founder & Director

By giving children many positive real life experiences in nature we hope to encourage future stewards of this big, beautiful planet that we share.

Monarchs, Milkweed, and Back to School Butterflies​​

Photos by Barb Barnes from the gardens of North Star Montessori Preschool

Summer lends itself to backyard explorations. Children at North Star Montessori have been able to expand upon their classroom studies of the life cycle of butterflies by venturing outdoors to explore our gardens. Our milkweed grows taller than the children and Monarch caterpillars cannot resist it. 

In fact, children observed over 20 caterpillars, large and itty bitty, munching up the milkweed leaves on our daily outdoor adventures. We are so fortunate to be able to offer summer classes and care that give children the opportunity for hands-on learning in our green spaces.

It is delightful to watch the children’s joy and excitement as they experience the life cycle of the butterfly. These curious young scientists love learning about the world around them. It fuels their natural sense of wonder. North Star Montessori kids love learning!